Double Flame Patio Fire Pit

Double Flame Patio Fire Pit

Intending to produce quality products and products that will last, Bree Industries introduced the Double Flame Patio Fire Pit, and this review will tell if you should buy it or not.

Product Description and Features

From the shiny look of this product, one would consider it different from the regular designs of wood-burning fire pits. The fire pit is rust and corrosion-resistant. This is as a result of the 304 Stainless Steel it was made from. It is very durable, and the material can hold up for so many years without cracking. Breeo Industries once again introduces smoke reducing technology to ensure that the fire pit emits less smoke in this fire pit. The fire pit has double walls, the air is released between the walls, and when it mixes with the smoke, it reduces it but does not affect the heat coming from the fire pit.

It is a wood-burning fire pit, and the fire area is deep such that it can contain up to 12-inch tall fire woods. The Double Flame Patio Fire Pit will also work great for grilling. It has a 15-inch stainless grill that fits the fire area well. This grill is not included in the purchase. The manufacturers sell it as a separate product.

With a weight of about 42 lbs, the Double Flame Patio Fire Pit passes as a lightweight fire pit. The weight will make it very easy for it to be transported, so it is well portable. For the fact that this fire pit holds up very well, it can be kept outside after use without any cover and it’ll still be in shape. In cases of rainfall, there are drain holes in the bottom of the fire pit that channels water out. If you still want to, you can get an outdoor cover for it, or just a lid to cover the fire area.

How much does the Double Flame Patio Fire Pit cost?

The cost of the Double Flame Patio Fire Pit is not a very friendly one. This fire pit is sold for about $400.


  • Low Smoke
  • Durable
  • In-built log grate


  • Cooking grill sold separately


With its heavy-duty construction, the Double Flame Patio cheap outdoor fire pit has made its mark among the numerous wood-burning fire pits. Its low smoke feature makes it unique and very safe to use when compared to the others. It is a recommended product, but you have to spend to get it.

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