WHPA Officially Dissolved -
Research Library Transferring to CPUC in Early 2020

Western HVAC Performance Alliance Inc (WHPA), the nonprofit entity operating as a 501(c)3 public benefit charity, has dissolved and has permanently closed largely due to the inability to secure sustainable funding as a nonprofit organization.

Since 2009, WHPA’s broad-based member organizations and their appointed representatives worked collaboratively to forge tangible energy savings in the residential and small commercial HVACR sectors in California and throughout the nation. To preserve WHPA’s rich research legacy and pay homage to the time and resource investment of those who contributed to past WHPA work products, agreement has been made to transfer the WHPA research library to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). As WHPA started because of direction from CPUC, the WHPA Board of Directors Dissolution Transition Team felt it most appropriate to have the legacy efforts of WHPA's stakeholders hosted by CPUC for unrestricted, public consumption going forward. This will provide broad visibility of WHPA's historical (2010 through 2019) work products and educational webinars while also staying true to WHPA's legacy promise to bring HVACR industry voices to the tables of those in power.

To further help those carrying forward efforts toward HVACR industry market transformation and energy savings, during WHPA's dissolution activities, WHPA Staff added the following three (3) additions from November 2019, which will also be hosted by CPUC beginning in 2020.

HVAC Enforcement SME Matrix (starting point) & Enforcement Issues and Identification of Key Players - Understanding the Process Initial Research
Key HVACR Influencers Chart (starting point)
WHPA Dissolution Notice Comments Survey Results - Importance of a Neutral HVACR Industry Voice

WHPA’s Board, Staff and Dissolution Transition Team thank all those who supported and contributed their subject matter expertise and resources over the past years to help move the needle toward marketplace improvement through research and education focused on energy efficiency, environmental quality, and sustainability. It is encouraging that WHPA’s legacy will live on through the research library in the future. It will take a little time at the beginning of 2020 before CPUC has the files reconfigured for posting on their system. In the interim, please contact Jeorge Tagnipes, Energy Efficiency Supervisor - Energy Division at CPUC (Jeorge.Tagnipes@cpuc.ca.gov or 213-576-7000) for any inquiries related to the research library going forward.