Why Join The WHPA?

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1. What Value do Members Gain from WHPA?

WHPA serves as a neutral source of information related to the HVACR sector. As a WHPA Member, you will ….

Why Join WHPA  Help ensure that the HVACR industry’s voice is heard.
Why Join WHPA  Be part of WHPA’s broad and diverse HVACR stakeholder voice to the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) through Public Comment Channels and through WHPA’s stakeholder engagement activities.
Why Join WHPA  Keep up-to-date with the latest Federal laws, California regulatory and legislative issues, and pertinent industry issues which demand continuous and urgent attention.
Why Join WHPA  Engage in stakeholder engagement opportunities fostering a safe environment for open communication, further understanding of the factors affecting the range of stakeholders in the HVACR marketplace, and clarification of how the players interact.
Why Join WHPA  Develop actionable collaborative ideas to bring about needed change now and in the future to help California meet its energy goals.
Why Join WHPA  Access WHPA’s Research Library which serves as a comprehensive tool for regulators, utilities, the HVACR industry at large and consumers to gain education and information related to energy efficiency, environmental quality, and the sustainability goals of California through a wide variety of topical areas.
Why Join WHPA  Access WHPA Committee development materials, meeting minutes, and goal implementation plans to stay informed of past, present, and future activities.
Why Join WHPA  Receive WHPA Newsletters and E-Blasts focused on WHPA happenings and content relevant to the energy efficiency, environmental quality, and sustainability goals of California through the HVACR lens.
Why Join WHPA  Access WHPA Educational Webinar Recordings.
Why Join WHPA  Stay informed with General Knowledge Base Materials, such as the California Public Utility Commission’s (CPUC) California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan (CEESP) and HVAC Action Plan, plus the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency Action Plan (EBEE-AP) and Update.
Why Join WHPA  Be aware of upcoming HVACR Industry Trade Show information.
Why Join WHPA  Be informed of relevant Non-WHPA Training Opportunities brought to the attention of WHPA Staff.
Why Join WHPA  Access links to HVACR and Energy Efficiency Industry Publication websites.
Why Join WHPA  Access links to HVACR Industry Associations grouped by HVAC Associations, Facility and Property Management Associations, Commissioning Groups, and Energy Efficiency Groups.
Why Join WHPA  Access relevant educational SME Panel Q&A Session Recordings.
Why Join WHPA  Access links to HVACR Savings Estimator Tools.
Why Join WHPA  Access links to HVACR Industry Valued Credentials (for Technician, Contractor, Building Commissioning, Energy, Facility and Specialized Certifications, Accreditations, and Journey status).
Why Join WHPA  Search for local Renewables & Efficiency Incentives.

2. How do WHPA Members/Participants Engage with Each Other?

To ensure impact on the present and the future by serving as a credible, reliable, significant, and effective resource for a broad-based community of HVACR stakeholders who have joined forces to transform the marketplace, WHPA members are offered a variety of stakeholder engagement opportunities, such as ….

Why Join WHPA  Attendance at Annual In-Person Membership Meetings.
Why Join WHPA  Leadership or participation in regular online teleconference Committee/Exploratory Working Group meetings.
Why Join WHPA  Attendance at WHPA Educational Webinars.
Why Join WHPA  Networking at In-Person Meet-n-Greet Events with educational SME Panel Q&A Sessions related to the energy efficiency, environmental quality, and sustainability goals of California through the HVACR lens.
Why Join WHPA  Provision of intermittent Subject-Matter Expert (SME) Task Force input (via online teleconference and/or email).
Why Join WHPA  Participation in facilitated In-Person Topical Charrettes (workshops).
Why Join WHPA  Engagement in Social Media Communications through WHPA’s presence on LinkedIn and Twitter.

3. How are WHPA Members/Participants Involved in Research Projects?

WHPA promotes research through its cohesive pool of diverse HVACR subject matter experts (SMEs) who guide HVACR strategies and policies in a continually changing environment to bolster industry improvements and consumer behavior. Through WHPA’s stakeholder engagement activities, WHPA’s SMEs collaborate across organizations in support of WHPA’s cumulative goals and to foster sharing of knowledge and opportunities. Research projects help formulate technical and process messaging and enable businesses and their customers to inform critical public policies, industry-related issues and collective stakeholders’ interests. WHPA also contributes to HVACR research of interest to WHPA’s members, the industry at large and consumers through collaborative and direct projects. The outcomes provide public benefit education as well as specific recommendations where applicable.

In cases where all representative stakeholder category perspectives unanimously agree on a position, for educational and informative purposes WHPA may release a recommendation position paper as part of WHPA’s Research Library. Otherwise, the outcomes are for educational and informative purposes capturing and explaining stakeholder perspectives, analyzing alignments and disparities in those perspectives, and recommending solutions based on aligned perspectives, including suggested pilot studies.

4. Who is Eligible for WHPA Membership?

Although multiple participants may engage in Western HVAC Performance Alliance Inc. (WHPA) activities, WHPA voting membership is affiliated with the organization rather than the individual with only one vote allowed per organization but with allowance for specified voting designees per stakeholder engagement activity. Membership is available in four (4) primary voting membership categories and one (1) nonvoting membership category as follows:

VOTING Membership Categories

Why Join WHPA  Direct Supply Chain/Market Actors/End Users
Why Join WHPA  Industry/Consumer Organizations
Why Join WHPA  Local/State/Federal Government Agencies
Why Join WHPA  Energy Providers/Program Administrators
NONVOTING Membership Categories
This includes stakeholders (including Emeritus members) representing the following perspectives*:

> > > > > > > >
Why Join WHPA California IOU Why Join WHPA HVACR Manufacturer
Why Join WHPA Controls (Manufacturer or Distributor) Why Join WHPAIndependent HERS Rater
Why Join WHPA Certifying Body Why Join WHPA HVACR Manufacturer Association
Why Join WHPA Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) Why Join WHPAIndependent Educator, Trainer
Why Join WHPA Distributor Why Join WHPA Media
Why Join WHPA Distributor Association Why Join WHPANonresidential Full-Service Contracting Company
Why Join WHPA End User Organization
(e.g. private educational institution)
Why Join WHPA Nonresidential Independent Contractor
Why Join WHPA Energy Efficiency Organization Why Join WHPAOrganized Labor
Why Join WHPA Engineering Society Why Join WHPA Owner/Facility/Property Management Association
Why Join WHPA Full Service Educator, Trainer Company Why Join WHPAOwner/Facility/Property Management Company
Why Join WHPA Full Service HERS Rater Company Why Join WHPA Publicly Owned Utility
Why Join WHPA Full Service Implementer Company Why Join WHPARegional Energy Network (REN)
Why Join WHPA Government - CEC (California Energy Commission) Why Join WHPA Research Organization
Why Join WHPA Government - Codes & Standards Official (Association or Jurisdiction) Why Join WHPAResidential Full-Service Contracting Company
Why Join WHPA Government - CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) Why Join WHPA Residential Independent Contractor
Why Join WHPA Government - CSLB (Contractors State Licensing Board) Why Join WHPAStudent
Why Join WHPA Government (not elsewhere specified) Why Join WHPA Third Party Quality Assurance Provider

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5. What is the WHPA Founding Member Designation?

Member organizations that were part of WHPA prior to WHPA’s incorporation as a California public benefit nonprofit organization in March 2018 qualify to become founding members of Western HVAC Performance Alliance Inc. (WHPA). Qualifying organizations that register and pay their dues by the end of the 2018 calendar year will be recognized in perpetuity in all WHPA publications and events as a “WHPA Founding Member” and will receive a special memento keepsake beyond the regular welcome package ornamentation.

6. How Do I Become a WHPA Member?

To become a member of the Western HVAC Performance Alliance Inc. (WHPA), both the member organization/company and its participant(s) must be registered. The member organization only pays once but can have multiple participants. The first participant to register for the member organization will be considered its primary contact until WHPA is notified otherwise. The dues structure follows:

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